Mist collector system

System for skimming the oil mist in the workspace of the machines.

Technical Specifications:

1. Max Meter3/Minute – 30-40m3 per minute, 2400m3 per hour.

2. Power requirement – 2,47-1,3?.

3. Power supply – 400V/50Hz.

4. Installed capacity – 0,37kW.

5. Noise level – 67db.

6. Weight – 30kg.

7. Washable filters

8. Material – stainless

Why should be filtered the air coming out of the machines?

• REDUCED COSTS – filtering systems save coolants used in the machines. Due to the recirculation of coolants after filtration of the air, they are sent back to the machine. Cost savings for cleaning, thanks to the lack of grease spots on the floor, walls and machines.

• HEALTH – pollutants can pose serious health risks if the polluted air is inhaled by machine operators. The withdrawal of oil mists and oils in the working space prevents from dermatological diseases and allergies, dangerous for staff.

• SAFETY – in addition to the risks for the safety of the staff, pollutants are polluting the surrounding surfaces (floor, walls, etc.) and the machine itself. Ultimately, this leads to damages (especially for complex devices and mechanisms). Air filtration prevents accidents caused by slippery surfaces resulting from adhering to the floor oils.